Interviews Nucest experience from pre-pregnancy to breastfeeding

Interviews Nucest experience from pre-pregnancy to breastfeeding

On this day, the admin had the opportunity to interview Mr. Ming. Our special customers living in Germany share their first-hand experience of taking Nuzest Pea Protein from the time of pregnancy, during pregnancy, to breastfeeding. For any girl or mother who is pregnant, breastfeed babe. I can't miss this article.

Starting with Mr. Ming, he is a skinny person and also a fitness agent. Even if you eat meat, you think protein shouldn't be enough. I don't like fresh nuts and I'm also allergic to cow's milk, so I'd better choose nusest P protein.

Mr. Ming ordered Nuzest Pea Protein from a website in England to deliver it directly to Germany. In the morning of every day, mix the fruit, smoothie.

Mr. Ming loves "vanilla green tea" very much, which is my favorite flavor.

Then, when you're pregnant, you're still taking Nuzest Pea Protein, which you've consulted with a doctor in Germany to look at the ingredients in the protein.

Doctors in Germany have confirmed that pregnant mothers can take nucest safely, but only caffeine is contraindicated. Mr. Ming chose to eat it as a vanilla flavor. As for the green tea flavor you like best, you need to put it on hold. During morning sickness. If you can't eat much, you'll brew nuzest protein to get enough nutrients. During pregnancy, it passes well. No problem.

Entering the postpartum period as a breastfeeding mother, Mr. Ming still brews protein nusets to drink the same supplements. There's no shortage of range because new moms need to get enough good protein every day.

After giving birth as a full-fledged new mom, I have to say, it's very busy.  There was almost no time.

Nuzest Pea Protein is a quick and easy protein receptor. Just brewing with water and giving mom enough protein.

 In Germany, natural breastfeeding is considered the best because mothers eat protein and eat all the nutrients, resulting in milk that their baby can eat.

As a result, your son is healthy and has no food allergies and is well-developed. They also look taller than children of the same age range. This makes my mother feel happy and proud of her decision.

Mr. Ming assures you that no matter what period of preparation you are preparing to become a mother, whether it is before pregnancy, during pregnancy, or after giving birth, breastfeeding has no negative consequences. Mom wasn't allergic. The Cubs are not allergic. The doctor confirmed that it was ok to eat. There's nothing to worry about. It is recommended to brew Nuzest Pea Protein. It's convenient and has a really positive effect on the body of new moms like us.

Admin and all Nuzest team Thank you, Mr. Ming, for your kindness in the interview to share your real experiences as a mother who wants to choose the best for both herself and her baby. The mother's body is the baby's most important source of food.

He can't choose for himself, so we have to choose what's best for him.

We wish you Ming and the baby. Stay healthy, healthy, and find good things today and forever.

Finally, we encourage all mothers to try nuzest pea protein to nourish their mother's body and deliver it directly to their baby.

Nuzest Pea Protein Golden European Pea Grown Organically in a Dome in France

Extracted with purified water in a Belgian factory. Packaged and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, with the highest standards. As a result, our proteins are highly safe. It can be taken even in pregnant and lactating mothers.

  • High protein, low fat
  • Sugar is not added, but instead uses the sweet protein from the catemphe fruit.
  • No soy mix
  • There is no cow's milk.
  • No preservatives
  • Vegetarian, vegan, edible
  • It is suitable for lean lines because of its high protein, low fat, 0% cholesterol.

Order now at Nuzest Pea Protein Shop.

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