Pretty In Pink Strawberry Smoothie

NuZest Pretty in Pink Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This strawberry banana smoothie recipe with coconut water and a pinch of cinnamon is hard to beat. It is sweet, healthy, and so tasty. Summery and refreshing, it tastes just like a strawberry daiquiri. […]

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Protein Pina Colada

NuZest Protein Pina Colada

A healthy NuZest twist on a classic summer cocktail. A delicious creamy consistency, full of protein and immune-boosting pineapple. It’s like a tropical holiday. Enjoy! […]

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Almond & Pomegranate Smoothie

NuZest Almond Pomegranate Protein Smoothie

This creamy smoothie is packed with delicious nutritious ingredients. The tart but tasty pomegranate juice has a high concentration of antioxidants, and is also linked to heart health. A deliciously healthy way to start the day. […]

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Banana & Chia Seed Smoothie

NuZest Keep It Simple Banana Chia Seed Smoothie

Quick and easy to make recipe full of fiber, omega-3s, and protein. Chia seeds are super nourishing and collagen-building. They are also known for their hydrating properties making them great pre-and-post-workout. […]

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Banana Berry Smoothie

NuZest Banana Berry Protein Smoothie

A classic and flavoursome smoothie. High in potassium and antioxidants and a great way to start your day. Try this smoothie 30-60 minutes before a workout – delish! […]

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Berry Power Smoothie

NuZest Berry Protein Power Smoothie

Full of probiotics, fibre and antioxidants to support your digestive system. Mix it up with seasonal berries or other fruits you happen to have on hand. […]

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Cinnamon Delight Smoothie

NuZest Cinnamon Delight Protein Smoothie

Whether you’re looking for a healthy breakfast recipe or just a quick on-the-go snack, this simple smoothie made with banana, cinnamon, Clean Lean Protein and Greek yogurt is the perfect go-to smothie. […]

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Cliff’s Ultimate Sports Smoothie

NuZest Cliffs Ultimate Sports Smoothie

The extreme smoothie for performance training – high in the protein, calories and nutrients needed for endurance. This smoothie will have you hitting that last rep with conviction! […]

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Frozen Delight Fruit Smoothie

NuZest Frozen Delight Fruit Smoothie

Cool down this summer with this fresh and tropical treat. It’s packed full of nutrients and sweetened naturally with fruit. You can even make it and freeze into popsicles for those really hot days. […]

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Fruity Delight Smoothie

NuZest Dairy Free Fruity Delight Smoothie

Thick, fruity, creamy, delicious and totally healthy! Simple to make, this Fruity Delight Smoothie is great for breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up. […]

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Rich Chocolate Berry Smoothie

NuZest Rich Chocolate Berry Smoothie

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this indulgent chocolate raspberry smoothie. It’s a healthy twist on a classic milkshake, but with far less sugar and fat, and an added antioxidant boost from the cocoa powder. Super simple to whip up and sure to cure chocolate cravings. […]

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